Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Inspiration: Holiday Manicure

{Wet N Wild black nail polish, Martha Stewart fluorescent black loose glitter}

Get into the spirit of Halloween (or fall) with a festive manicure. I followed this tutorial for a glitter accent nail. I love having an accent nail on ether my index fingers, ring fingers, or both my index fingers and thumbs. 
I did however find that the glitter chipped off quickly but it was very easy to touch up and add more. I also would recommend painting on a couple of clear coats over the glitter to keep it from (coming off) snagging on your clothing. I think I might try out a black/orange glitter combination to pass out candy on Halloween.
My next DIY manicure will probably be something more fall inspired in red or orange (now that the trees are changing color here) with just a hint of glitter on the tips of my ring fingers. 

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