Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Inspiration: Revisit Your Roots

Favorite people,
Favorite places,
Favorite memories of the past.
These are the joys of a lifetime....
These are the things that last.

Found this on a calendar, thought it was appropriate for my trip back to my grandma's house in KY. Many happy memories going to her house. She had a country store which I just loved, couldn't get there fast enough for her to give me some bubblegum and candy. Sitting by the warm wood stove and listening to all the news in the area. Years later the store burnt and this sign was erected to show where it was located.

 {Grandparent's house}

 {Watched my grandma making rag rugs at this old loom. Still sitting in the loom house where it has been for many years}

{Tobacco hanging in the barn}

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