Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Interns

{My grandkids Cohen and Alexa}

Schools out this year for my grandkids (they finished last Tuesday). So I thought why not let them help out as our summer interns? As a way for them to learn the family business and spend a little more time with their grandma. They've done small projects for me in the past like print off inserts for packages and find the products in the warehouse. But this summer I'm hoping to build on that knowledge with a few harder tasks and maybe some craft projects for the blog. When their not busy with friends, camps, or time at home they will be here working side by side with me. Intern is usually an unpaid position but they will be rewarded by trips to get ice-cream (or frozen yogurt), a pool day, fun activities like put-put, bowling, and paint your own pottery to name a few. 

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