Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Home Decor DIY: Chalkboard Banner

I love to entertain. For my children's birthdays I had a banner where you could rearrange the letters to spell out their names. But the decorations long ago fell apart and I've done away with my old banners. With all the beautiful banners I'm finding on Pinterest I decided on making one I could leave up all year for myself to enjoy. This chalkboard banner fit the bill perfectly where I can easily change the message to fit the occasion. I followed this tutorial (you can also find it on my Pinterest) to create my banner. Having my grandchildren for the day gave me the perfect opportunity to create my banner and spend some quality time with them.

You will need:
Chalkboard spray paint
Twine (yarn or string)
Glue gun
Wooden pieces (they come in all shapes and sizes) I used 16 - 2.5" wide x 3.5 long".

I cut my felt into 1 inch pieces

I placed my wooden discs 1 1/2 in. apart on the twine and hot glued them down an inch from the top

Completed banner hanging in my kitchen

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