Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Crab & Lobster Sugar Cookies

I had been looking for an excuse to try out our new cookie cutters for some time now. (I did however use the mini crab cookie cutters before here to make homemade crab shaped croutons.) I decided summer would be the perfect time to decorate these cookies in red, white, and blue for a 4th of July treat. Since sugar cookies can be a process I used a store bought package for the dough and made my own icing. This is the recipe I used for home made royal icing. 

{Beat for 10 minutes on low until icing becomes like paste}
{Divide icing into separate containers and add food coloring}
{Outline the cookie with icing then flood the inside adding more where needed until filled}

{Decorate before the icing hardens. I used red sanding sugar for the lobsters}

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