Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Inspiration: Valentin's Day Gift Guide

With Valentine's Day exactly a week away this weekend makes the perfect time to shop for those you love. I love the thought of Valentine's Day not being just about that special someone but about all the people in your life you care about. With a daughter born on this day we're used to giving all our kids something special to open that day. Here is a list of the things I wouldn't mind getting or giving those I love this Valentine's Day. 

1. Diptyque Rose Candle ($65)

2. Vera Wang's Pink Princess ($60)

3. Essie's Twin Sweater Set ($8.50)

4. 3 In One Bath Bomb ($10.95)

5. Valentine's Day Tin Heart ($15)

6. Pretty Pink Roses sure to be found at any local florist

Plus a helpful guide (can be found here) on how to keep your Valentine's (or any) flowers lasting longer than the weekend.

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