Monday, February 11, 2013

BBB Feature

Champaign Plastics was featured in the BBB Of Central IL Newsletter! They asked us to photograph one of our invoices to show how we let our customers know we are BBB accredited. I copied the newsletter below for you to read.

Your Accreditation Matters To Consumers

If 7 out of 10 consumers choose a BBB Accredited Business over the competition, wouldn't you want to tell them that you are one? Research shows that especially when times are tough, consumers are looking for a business they can trust.

Show them you are Accredited by using the BBB logo in your newspaper ads, television commercials, radio spots, on invoices, in the window of your truck, on your website, and anywhere else where consumers could see you!

Look what Champaign Plastics Company in Champaign, Illinois is doing! By putting BBB stickers on their invoices, their customers know who they can trust!

If you don't show them they'll never know...

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